When people tell you what to do

You know what I hate?  I hate it when people tell me what to do.  Like, a lot. It stresses me out and it upsets me.  But that’s not the point of this blog post – at least, not the whole point anyway.   I mostly was just going to talk about what I do when I am stressed.  Food for thought though, you know?

I have this yellow putty, and I squish that when I am stressed.  It was one of those free things from the hallway and it has a smiley face on it so it makes me happy and steals my stress.  What a sweet piece of putty, right?!

I also like to chew gum, sometimes that helps.  Maybe I use that more for when I’m hungry and don’t have food, who knows.

Here’s a fun fact about me, when I am at school, I usually don’t listen to music during the day and between classes like most people.  Weird, right?!? I mean, are you even a college student if you don’t pay $10.00 a month for Spotify Premium?  Yeah, you are.  People just think you’re odd.  But yeah, that’s something I actually don’t do very often to relieve stress.


Have you ever had a daunting task to do?  I have.  They freak me out; I stay away until the last possible second, at which point I do surprisingly well on completing it, or unsurprisingly terrible.  It is always a bummer when it is the latter.  Latter refers to the last thing referenced in a list, which is often only a list of two. I say that in case you didn’t know the definition.  I just looked it up. So anyway, back to what I was saying about daunting projects.  While I am avoiding the daunting things, I have discovered it is better to do things you do want to do in the meantime.  Sometimes I do nothing because obviously if you aren’t going to do the most important thing, you are not permitted to do anything at all.  Or, so I used to think.  Now while I avoid the daunter I do everything else I can, especially the things I like to do, so that I don’t get even more behind while I’m avoiding the daunter.  You know?  It took me a while to figure that one out.  But now I feel smart.

Another thing I do is be really nice to myself when I am stressed.  I sometimes call myself a, “poor thing,” and say, “aww” to myself.  I say what I would say to someone else that told me they were stressed.  It is actually called self-compassion when you say things like that to yourself for a little bit. Cool, right?   Our natural instinct is to punish ourselves, but that actually causes our bodies to release stress hormones, whereas being compassionate releases happy ones. Remember that! 🙂

Another strategy I like is to treat myself like a stinking champion.  I say like, “OH YEAH, I ROCK,” and, “I am so amazing, I have been working so hard today.  I may not have gotten everything done, but I am being successful because I have not given up.”

Or, I take deep breaths.  I did that all day today.  I tell myself, it’s ok.  I think of the worst thing that could happen, feel sad for a second, and then move on and do my best to face the challenge.  At the end of the day just remember, life goes on, I tell myself.

To end here is a funny story.  I am in an English class and it is tough for me.  But yet I just started a blog and discovered I love to write.  Like, what is going on?  Hmm, maybe I just don’t like it when people tell me what to do, and write.  Interesting.  That could be it. …

Screens and clicks

So, technology, man. What is it good for, anyway?  Sometimes it seems it really just steals our time, or rather, we sell it for free…what? Confusing, I know.  Let me give a quick example here to start off.

Sunday, March 3rd, 2018 – Church is at 9 am today.  I woke up about an hour ago (5am after springing forward from daylight savings) and was seriously wide awake.   I decided,” well, I will feel much better if I get up rather than lie here and be bored,” so I concluded that doing some reading for my institute class would be beneficial.  I brought my brown, fuzzy blanket along for the ride and pulled out my computer.  As I was walking from the bedroom to the living room couch I had another thought that went something like this, “Oh my gosh I think I want to start a blog!” And so, here I am!  I am writing a blog post instead of doing my institute reading.

There are so many times each day when I pull out my phone or whip out my computer and I end up doing something different than what I had originally planned….or…not planned at all.

So, that is the first of my thoughts and things – thoughts that keep me wondering and keep me thinking.